Nathalie at Naver Couture

Surrounded by creative people since the beginning of my life, it was impossible not to develop my own creative streak. I got introduced to my first sewing machine back in school at the age of 12 and immediately set to sewing a skirt and that is where it all started. It was inevitable that I would end up studying fashion design and I finished up at the renowned Rhode Island School of design in the US of A. There, I was able to explore textiles, drafting, draping, pattern making, fashion illustration, garment construction, cut ‘n’ sew and knitwear, finally graduating with my own collections.

After several years working in the fashion industry in Boston, Geneva and Lausanne, I moved on to opening my own business; Naver Couture. Initially operating out of Founex (VD), Naver Couture has been in operation since 2002, and is currently located in Aubonne, a beautiful corner of Switzerland, close to Lake Geneva. Naver Couture has grown from offering tailoring & alteration services and soft furnishing decorations, to helping people develop their own skills, by providing group or private lessons on sewing, tailoring, pattern making and all the necessary skills related to apparel and furnishings.

Discover the joy and satisfaction of realising your own creations.

In recent times, Naver Couture has taken a new exciting direction by offering weekly on-demand sewing lessons, regular workshops and private lessons to those who want to start sewing or continue to practise their skills in a relaxed environment with other motivated creative and passionate sewers. People are returning steadily to the ‘old-fashioned’ skills including sewing. The courses are meant to help you create the right clothes for your style and size. The right fit is so important to enable you to feel and look your best. Imagine the pride of creating something unique and beautiful to wear!

I’m brimming over with enthusiasm and motivation to make changes in our world.

As the world marches onwards, my interests and skills are evolving to take on board all our big concerns for the environment and widespread, harmful mass production of fast fashion processes in the clothing industry. Slow fashion, eco fashion, recycling, upcycling are important concepts to be embraced by us all and Naver Couture is trying to lead by example.  I now run workshops focussing on introducing easy, straightforward solutions that can be adopted in our everyday lives.

Together, small changes will make a difference to our planet and children’s lives.

Naver Couture brings together my many passions and past professional work experiences in one creative place and I hope I can encourage you to join me there.


I love having dedicated sewing time and really value your input and knowledge of solving problems and fitting garments to my shape and enjoy learning about different sewing techniques.


Nathalie has done great work for me over the years – everything from custom drapes to minor zipper repairs – and so much in between. Her work is excellent and prompt, her manner pleasing and professional. I recommend her without hesitation!